Thabo Da Don

Fitness brings so much perspective into ones life, the discipline attained and learned through fitness comes 2nd to no other. I recall when I 1st started my fitness journey I learned that in order to achieve I must never compete with anybody else but myself. I trained to be the best version of me and live to my true potential.

After every session I walked in strong and crawled out even stronger. I got better and better in everything I do. I became a better learner, teacher, believer and listen you name it. The culture of excellence got instilled in me. Surprisingly I even discovered new talents about myself and even grown the discipline to nurture those talents. Fitness has built my confidence and played an impeccable role in me believing that I can achieve anything. Since you’re competing with yourself … youre entirely up to you.

Have a vision, believe in it and dare to do what you believe in

– Personal Training R250 per Session
– Bootcamp Sessions R350 per Month


-Bootcamp : Monday – Thursday from 17:00-18:15

Touch Active boot camp It’s all about BREAKING BOUNDRIES

Utilising what we call HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) with functional movement using minimal to no equipment, mostly using your bodyweight as resistance.

  • Burn fat and increase lean muscle at the same time
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase muscular strength and athletic performance
  • Most importantly, its great fun. A true mood elevator.  

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Sabelo Siya Buthelezi

From fitness I’ve learned a great deal of disciplines, one of them is having to do something you need to do to get what you want even when you don’t feel like it. It made me realise its YOU vs YOU. The one who gives up when the going gets tough and the other reminds you of your vision when you started, in this battle of these two great extremes external factors have no role, it’s all on you. Once I learned that, giving up was not an option because I am not living up to my own expectations, so my limits is something I’ve always refused to accept.

Fitness is simple, do what you always do and you’ll always get the same results but if you want to reach new heights you have intensify it to get more than what you getting now. The pain is necessary for your long term growth and personal development so embrace it, it builds you

– Personal Training R250 per Session
– Bootcamp Sessions R350 per Month

Classes/Sessions – only by appointment with the trainer

Specialty : functional training

Functional training is all improving your everyday life.

A type of training that works by exercising your muscles in a similar way to how your body would be used in everyday life , it’s the type of training that prepares your body for various forms of daily activity and thus, maintains body strength and endurance.

  • Increases the ease of everyday life
  • Greater muscle memory
  • Low impact
  • Increases flexibility and coordination
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Helps aid away joint pain
  • Reduces the risk of injury.