We Specialize In the following:

  • weight management
  • functional training
  • body firming & toning.

Training classes

  • personal training (one on one sessions) – where you have the trainer’s full attention solely focused on you, private training sessions exclusively and custom designed for individuals who seek to find their fitness comfort zone through personalized, one on one training sessions. In warm & enthusiastic yet well structured environment. Semi – private sessions for 2 or 3 participants are also available.
  • Firming & toning – group fitness training sessions, geared for groups of individuals seeking to be motivated by those within the group. There’s nothing more guaranteed to push to you to give out your absolute best, seeing other members of the group putting in more effort and progressing faster than yourself. It feels great and thoroughly refreshing.
  • Corporate training – a type of program that is custom designed for corporations. Customized and appealing to clients in both in large or small cooperate societies
  • Boot campsEnergised and intense fitness & weight loss training sessions (HIIT sessions), designed to meet individuals’ superior results. All participants are encouraged to train at their own pace while feeding the energy and drive of other participants.

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