Have you ever asked yourself why don’t have the body you want yet? Why?

People think it is the lack of knowledge or bad genetics. This is partially true, but it is definitely not the limiting factor as I myself am not blessed with great genetics. I’ve acquired knowledge but there was something more that helped me along the way… Curious? Its mind-set. Mind-set.

Let us explore where your mind-set is coming from, or rather… Where it stopped developing? In ancient times the transition from childhood to manhood has been a sacred ritual, one that forces the release and development of masculine psyche. Boys were usually given a task to go hunt down a wild animal and find their way back to the village, presenting the animals’ fangs or claws as a sign of accomplishment. A man is then born – attaining his place in the tribe and gaining new responsibilities

Nowadays in 2017, we have become so epicurean that we take everything for granted. We no longer forced to undergo such rituals and thus most “men” end up being boys in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s.

A true mark of a man is responsibility for his own actions, confidence, courage, discipline, assertiveness and passion.

This is why many people fail in their fitness journey – they have not evolved their character to the degree needed to attain discipline and look for the fast pill towards the good life. It doesn’t exist. What you need is character.